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I’m a Japanese descendant  inspired by memories which migrate through skins, places, portraits and the nature that blossoms because of those memories.

I am strongly connected to the golden color, the watery Indian ink paintings and the great absorbing papers. I like Japanese and Chinese papers, but also the simpler ones such as filter and wrapping. I am used to mixing them with a wide range of paints, instruments and stands as wood, walls, fabric. Being a Japanese’s  granddaughter, I built a mythical Japan from what I was able to note in the living with my grandparents,  while going through their photographs, letters, postcards, documents  and wearing my grandma’s clothes as she groomed herself for her dance presentations.

That’s how I created a personal mythology and my own rituals to connect with my ancestry. I not only love diving in my ancestry memories, but also strolling by the new memory lane from beautiful people who cross my way. I let my work show through these life experiences.


Catarina Gushiken was born in São Paulo. On high a school level, she graduated in Technical Drawing and Communication, minoring in Design and majoring in Art Direction at Belas Artes (São Paulo University of Fine Arts). She was a professor at the Europeo de Design Institute, and taught workshops at PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica), CEDIM (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey) in Mexico, and was part of graduation evaluating groups at Santa Marcelina College and Communication at USP (São Paulo University), as well as post graduation evaluating group in Creative Direction at FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation).
She was also one of the chosen artists to take part on the documentary West Encounter East, curatorship and production Stella Holmes — 2013, that explores themes as immigration and cultural assimilation when dealing with works of art developed by Japanese-Brazilian artists; such as Tomie Othake, Yutaka Toyota and Takashi Fukushima. The documentary won two awards; the silver one on the 35th Telly Awards, and the other on the 2014 International Brazilian Press Award in the “Movies and Video”- http://vimeo.com/61376226″http://vimeo.com/61376226


Internship with Gilberto Salvador 2014
Drawing with professor Evandro Carlos Jardim — at Augusta Cultural — 2014-2015
Painting and Art history with Rubens Matuck — 2014
Study group on Mokuhanga — Japanese woodcut — at Atelier Paulista with Sensei Fernando Saiki — 2014-2015-2016
Study group on Sumi-e — at Tochigi Kenjin do Brasil Cultural Association with Sensei Suely Shiba — 2014-2015-2016
Study group on Shodo — at Tochigi Kenjin do Brasil Cultural Association with Sensei Nemoto — 2014
Special audit student on the subject Art as a way of thinking — professor Carmem Aranha — MAC (Contemporary Art Museum) — São Paulo — 2013
Woodcut Atelier — at SESC Pompéia with professor Evandro Jardim — São Paulo — 2013
Post Graduation on Art Direction — at Belas Artes (São Paulo University of Fine Arts) — São Paulo — 2011
Graduation on Fashion Design — at Anhembi Morumbi University — São Paulo — 2005
Technical high school course on Design and Communication — at Etec. José Rocha Mendes — São Paulo — 1999


Illustration Now – editora Taschen 2013 – editor Julius Wiedemann


Uns Exhibition — At Espaço Breu — São Paulo 2017
Emotional Memories Exhibition — At Ponder70 gallery — São Paulo 2016
Autumn Salon Exhibition — At América Latina Memorial — Marta Traba gallery — São Paulo 2016
Yokoso Exhibition — At A7MA gallery — São Paulo 2016
Brazil’s Builders Exhibition — At Lower House museum — Brasília 2012
Individual Exhibition — At MuBa — Fine Arts museum — São Paulo 2012
Between two worlds Exhibition — At IQ Art Gallery — Curatorship by Henrique Luz — São Paulo 2011
Multiple I s Exhibition — At Soul gallery — Curatorship by Henrique Luz — São Paulo 2011
SESC Exhibition — Kasato Maru — Sojourn on the eye — Curatorship by Raquel Brumana — São Paulo 2008