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Atelier Aberto / Aulas . Hospedagem

After trying inspiring perceptions and experiences in some parts of the world, I’ve decided to open my atelier-home to receive people who wish to be surrounded by art, and through it perform a culture exchange. I really enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences and for that much I open my atelier once a week for classes of Creative Process guidance and I also host artists from everywhere.

As I love diving in different universes, chatting and exchanging experiences; I also understand that there are moments in which we need to feel the place and absorb all the inspiration in silence.

In the sharing moments at home, we love music, movies and books, as we love cooking and partaking  healthy eating habits — although some beer and laughing are also a part of that. In the silent moments we enjoy meditating and opening space for each person to renew their energies in a personal and intimate way. That’s why we offer both; sharing and contemplation: so we can respect people’s time and flow.

We establish in here a relationship of much love and respect with all the rooms, and our ritualistic way of showing it, is growing plants — the soft and delicate perfume of flowers — as well as the cleaning and organization of the spaces. As a conclusion here’s the motto that motivates my life: It`s mandatory flourishing as far as possible. (Kazuo Ohno)

If you are interested on living here, connect through my Airbnb page.