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Open atelier/classes . Hosting

Creating means comprehending and integrating  memories through experiments, studies, mistakes and attempts. The act of creation depends on the entire universe within each person, their motivations and identifications to a language that enables them to reach their own emotions. Above all, creating is a process of awakening.

During the Creative Process classes, I propose to present experiences with different techniques and materials, in an attempt to make a connection between the unconscious and the stand that is going to be explored.

By doing many painting and drawing exercises, associated with a research of individual references; side by side with the student, I start a journey of personal investigation so that all can find a path to be followed through art, expressing themselves in a unique artistic language.

The classes take place on Wednesdays and bear 8 people, at most.

To check out the progress of those who attend the atelier, you can follow the Instagram account: atelier_aberto